Rolled with Pro Shooto fighter!!

One of my friends, Alex, who has just started training with my group has spent the last 12 years of his life living Japan. he's trained in BJJ and Shooto for close to 9 years, his main instructors were Daiju Takase and Hiroyuke Abe (Abe fought in Pride Bushido a couple of months ago, and also had 2 good fights against "Pequeno" Noguiera)

well, last night he brought in Abe to our gym who is on an impromptu vacation due to his KOTC fight being cancelled. He was so cool and laid back. he and his wife (who i believe also fights professionally and is a national Sambo champion) gave me and my guys a little clinic on leg attacks and counters ... showing us their "favorite Rumina techniques"!

we got to watch them roll, as well as roll with each of them. both their games are slick as hell and the timing was incredible to see in the third person. another thing that really impressed me was the hybrid movements & style i would see them use depending on whether they were riding on top, defending the guard, attacking the legs, etc - they could shift modes effortlessly between a wrestlers ride and FHL's, to a BJJ's guys open guard, and a Sambo guy's leglocks.

needless to say, it was an awesome experience! i will post pics and hopefully some short video on my website soon if anyone is interested.