Rollin, Rollin, to the playoff's

Another one team bites the dusta

Brees has come back down to earth and we still won. Our defense needs to get better against the pass...we're good in the red zone but teams move up and down the field against us at will.

One series the Bucs had like 25 yards in penalties and still converted.

But our linebackers can all make plays now. Donnie Donnie Donnie.

I am a realists, we have had some sloppy games for sure. BUT we always stay one up on our opponent. I do not fear the Colts.. we will rise to the occasion once again and win.

so it looks like the bolts are gonna have the ravens come to town first week of the playoffs.

and the colts will host THE BILLS!!!!!


Well, on a side note, we held you to under 220 total yards of offense. To me I think that spells trouble for you due to the fact other teams playing better football than denver right now are capable of doing the samething to you and won't commit four turnovers, which is the reason you won that game. You beat us fair and square, but there are some glaring kinks in the San Diego armor. That and I would just like to point out that Drew Brees will be the QB of Tampa Bay next year.


Yes 303,and you punished the juggernaut Dolphins by running up the score.

Well, I am not sure if you are being sarcastic Core, but I am just saying that if the Broncos don't make the playoffs, which the way they are playing right now they do not deserve to, the Chargers are my team, but they have some major problems, we held them to under 220 total yards, and I think they are in for big trouble this weekend.


303 for one, Brees is going nowhere.. you will see, mark my words. And as far as "kinks" go.. yeah we got some.. however every team does somewhere.. and the cards have been in our favor and I think they will continue to.. WE are in big trouble with the Browns?? I doubt it they are.. we will find a way to win games like we have been doing

I thought you were playing Indy this weekend. The Browns should be a cake walk. I just do not see how it would be a smart move to keep Brees. He is going to demand a lot of money, I find it pretty stupid to then have probably what equates to over 100 million dollars wrapped up in one postion. That is money you could spend fixing your secondary. That being said, I hope he does stay, he brought San Diego back to life, and it wouldn't bother me in the least if all your money was put into one position. I think you need to look at the big picture here, your ability to lure free agents and re-sign key players will be drastically hindered if you keep Brees. I would want to go with Rivers, let him learn, and know that I have the supporting cast in place and money to spend for when Rivers comes around. Thats just me though, I just find it stupid to have a 47 million dollar backup QB.


Yeah I got it mixed up as well..I thought we were playing the Colts as well.. but they are going down after the Browns as well.. btw I got Denver for my pix over the Chiefs.. LT was quoted in the news the other day about Brees bleaving the quote goes as such..

"I don't think we need to break something that is broken.."

-LT Circa 2004

my friend, LT can say what he wants, but can you honestly tell me that a QB whose stock has skyrocketed this year isn't going to demand big money? Then can you honestly tell me that a football team who just signed a rookie (who has more raw talent than Brees mind you) to a 47 million dollar contract is going to handcuff themselves by having two QB's on the team making 50 million. It is a nice thought, but it just won't happen. It doesn't make since for either side.


Our franchise has made ALOT of money this's gonna be interesting to see how it's gonna play out

Doesn't matter with the salary cap. It would be pretty stupid to hand cuff yourself for the duration of Rivers contract.


San Diegans have waited for a DECENT (as in, not BAD) quarterback ever since Stan Humphries. Now that we finally have one, I don't want to let him go. Would you?

Nope.. my sentiments exactly

SD Cartel,

Enjoy the celbration of the division championship. Guys like you deserve a team good enough to make the playoffs every 9 years. :^)


I am not disagreeing that it would feel good to keep him, but you have to think long term here, and in the NFL that means 3 years ahead of time. If you re-sign Brees for a ton of money you have effectively blwon any salary cap space you might have had and thus taking away your teams abilities to sign players that you need. You should let Brees go and keep that core group of guys around Rivers. The Chargers are not a Super Bowl team, I am still not convinced you have the WR's necessary, while they are consistant players, you do not have a receiver that forces teams to double him, you need some D-line help, and your secondary is pretty bad. I think you would be much wiser to let Brees go knowing you have the players needed for Rivers to throw to, then try and fix the other holes on defense. That would be smarter team management IMO.


I don't know that much about salary cap management. But as I understand it, next year we will have around 20 million under the cap, and to franchaise Brees would take about nine of that. Even after signing two first round picks, we should still have some left over to look for free agents. I wouldn't want marquee free agents anyway.