Rolling in Orange County

Does anyone know a place to roll in Orange County, preferably the Irvine or Tustin area, early in the morning or late in the evening. I mean say 6-8am, 10-12pm, that sort of thing.
Thanks in advance.

A little bit north of there, but if you're willing to go to Placentia, I really recommend Brad Jackson's place. He's under Ralph Gracie. Ryan's black belt Migaliccio also teaches there. AWESOME instruction there.

Check out No Limits in Irvine (sorry no info), Costa Mesa has some places to check out, James Boran and Global Jiu-Jitsu as well.

i have a good place to train and take classes. i'm really looking for a place to roll before work or late in the evening; that does not seem common with brazilians. ;)

i've been to no limits, very nice. i need to find out there hours and if there is open mat time.
anyone know?

no limits has classes through outthe whole day pretty much, latest classes are 715-9, and they have early classes also,but i dont remember... so come backin and checkit out, yes there is open mat

I guess I'll just go back and check it out. I am just looking, for now, for an open mat before work and/or late in the evening. Thanks.

Also Tinguinha is great. He's in Anaheim,

Hey Bao couldnt make it but I did hit 10th planet for one night while I was in town.

Tinguihas school is a bit far from Tustin Irvine area especially if you are trying to make it to work afterwards.

I'm going to visit Global Jiu-Jitsu in Costa Mesa on Tuesday so I can let you know how it goes.

where is no limits? doe sit have a website?