Rolling in the Green Zone?

I just got in country (Baghdad) about a week ago. Is anybody rolling in the green zone on a regular basis?

Times, Places? Thanks, Jeff

527th MPs meet up at the green zone pizzeria on the corner by the CSH....every Fri..get with them around PT TIME....


Is that the Pizza Inn in the parking lot near the Gym and PX?

Thanks, Jeff

The one ran by the Iraqis on the corner over by the CFLCC and CSSH...Where all the bootleg DVDs are sold...

I was there just yesterday - about what time do you all show-up?

maybe its because I'm not in the military but posting meeting logistics for an active unit doesnt seem too wise

Yeah, lest we are beseiged by kids trying to sell us "freaky-freaky" bootlegs.

SHIT..I thought you knew...Im in NAJAF now....My bad dude..what unit you in???

501st MI,

I would have been in Najaf too - we have a company element there - but got stuck on BIAP.

I haven't done serious training for the last year and a half. I'm infrequently there but it would be cool to show up if such an occassion occurs.

My bad man...getting ready to PCS as soon as we get up out of here....maybe see you the way I am in 2/3 field artillery...

Jeff ask around the Blackwater Guys know...
US Embassay in Iraq.

It is so cool to hear you guys talking about being
in Baghdad in the green zone training etc. We see the green zone on tv every night. You guys are warriors fighting for us here. Yall rock! Thank you so much!

What is the Moral like there right now?

Here is an article about a group that meets up. The instructor is a good friend of mine and a great grappler. If you are in the area stop by the group. Good Luck!

The practices in the greenzone are at the gym next to the PX (on the corner) on tues, and thursday. They meet around 1700hrs (5pm for your civilians and airforce guys). I went there for the first time on thursday. The instructor is a machado purple belt. If anyone in the greenzone is interested in training MMA hit me up on here or shoot me an email ( I just arrived last week, and I should be here until january I plan on training around 4pm almost everyday, so hit me and let me know whats up. I hope to see some people there.