Rolling Jujigatame Question

I have seen in many videos a rolling jujigatame version used by Olympians, World Champions, were you attack your opponent that`s face down, first grab hold of one of his arms, and with your other hand you grab hold of one of his legs and you roll and flip the guy over, and then apply the arm bar. I would like to know if anyone here can post some pics or explain how this is done.


Judo Man

Hey, you're "judo man"; you should know this :)

Kind of hard to explain and I'm sure there are people here that can do a better job than I can, but there are several versions including the Eckersley and the Seisenbacher roll depending on direction and circumstance.

Armlocks by Neil Adams or Mike Swain's tape would be a good resource for this.



Here’s one version – front rolling juji

  1. Uke is on bottom turtled up, forehead on mat.

  2. You are on top working choke. You take your left arm and hook uke’s right arm. Grab your right lapel with your left hand to secure the arm. Turn to your right and place your left shin on the back of uke’s head (leg is bent at knee).

  3. Work your right leg under uke’s stomach. The back of your thigh will be against uke’s stomach. Your body should be at about a 90 degree angle to uke.

  4. At this point I usually turn toward uke’s head and try to pull the arm out for reverse juji. Uke will usually defend by clasping his hands together or grabbing his lapel.

  5. If uke defended as above, turn (look) toward uke’s feet. Take your right hand and grab the pants leg preferably near the knee. You may grab the near leg or the far leg depending on his position.

  6. Now you are going to try to turn in a clockwise direction to roll uke forward pretty much directly over his head. As you turn, pull up on the pants leg, lift up on his midsection with your thigh, and push down on the back of his head with your shin.

  7. As you roll uke, you have to take your left leg that was on the back of his head and place it over is face and push him down to the mat. If you don’t he will likely sit up into your guard during the roll.

  8. At this point uke should be in the classic juji position.

1...grab their gi by the back of the neck and the belt, and pull them forward and up, then follow what others have written...MSF

You really need to get a video for this. There are a lot of variations. Neal Adams has a video out that covers the basics and a bit more.

Ben R.

My version is similar to Zanshins but I get my leg under the stomach and hooked onto the far leg as a first step before I ever hook the arm. I also stay perched on the top of my head/forehead until my leg is in position on the neck. Only then do I roll towards uke's head.

When trying to pull the legs over, don't try to lift the leg up, just pull the foot in a circle over the top of your head and keep uke's toes in contact with the mat.

I'd say learning this move and it's many variants from text would be pretty darn hard to do. I had to travel to Coventry England to learn it the way I do it now.