Rolling while Rollin (I mean X)

With all this talk about grappling/training whikle high, I have to say I was rolling while rollin (if you catch my drift) and it was the most interesting experience of my life.

On a serious note that would be a trip.

Fast reflexes, and then wow, your hair smells good what kind of shampoo are you using?

Guy on X would be strong and have the kind of endurance where he could roll hard withgout feeling tired.

are u serious? i couldn't do it. i'd be super horny tryin to get pussy.

I always wondered how it would be rolling after dropping a couple hits of acid.


heart failure

you'd get majorly dehydrated, very dangerous.

better b rollin with a female

Oh yeah, nothing like rolling while hopped up on amphetamines. rolls eyes

Dehydration would be an issue as well.

Not to mention the fact that you'd probably cry with guilt if you made the other guy tap out.

you would only get dehydrated if you didn't drink water or sports drink.

There are all kinds of tabs sold as e, your speed and reflexes would be increased, if your heart could handle the stress you would be faster and depending on the pill stronger too.

Imagine a event where all fighters had to drop1.5 hours before fighting.

Punch, punch, clinch, hug, "how are doing" if I hit you too hard tell me to let up,ok"?

Ring girls ande lights between rounds would distract me too much!

You better not be rolling with guys if your rollin. Your partner might feel a little something he didn't want to. Now with a chic hell ya!!


Holy Gayness. Getting hot and sweaty after popping E pills while rolling around on the mat with a guy?


LOL @ Quick's comments---I totally agree
Holy faggotry Batman, The homo-ocity is getting thick in here!!!

ttt for amphetamines


Hard to comment on what they have not done, true musashi