rolling with a broken toe?

should I take a break and let it heal or will taping it to my other toe be ok? I knoe the best medical advice is available here and lots of folks with experience with this here. Its just the pinky but it hurts like fack!!

any thoughts?

take a fucking break.

spend some time with your family and friends


after your long long long break..

you return and get owned by white blets.

CAN your ego take that?

up to you.

which toe is it?

wrestling shoe for a while?


Peoria Athletic Club - my big toe joints (first joints) are fused and hurt like hell all the time.... just tape them...

you have webbed feet ?

 rolling with a bum toe facking sucks

 thanks for  the replies guys!

Im gonna look for a temporary shoe, that is a great idea!

tape for now and will try and take it easy

oh, whoops...should probably read the whole post haha

tape it up and go easy for a while