Rolling With Punches

Can someone explain how to roll with punches?

It's a way to absorb the punch. You hit me with a left hook, and I give with it rather than attempt to stay rigid. Takes some of the impact out.

Now, for your enjoyment, here is a pic of me in my last fight. (I just got a scanner.)

Do you mean lean the body in the direction that the punch is moving? Is it possible to roll with jabs and right crosses or does rolling with punches only apply to hooks? Thanks.

I don't lean the body at all. I "roll" my head with the punch.

It doesn't apply to hooks only.

Let me caution you that I am not certain it's as easy as having someone describe it and then going and doing it. I'm not even sure that you ought to have it on your mind when you're in the ring. It's a "skill" that is acquired through experience. If you are thinking on it, you are probably going to end up turning your head in anticipation of the punch.

I don't know how other people feel in the ring getting punched at, but I'm extremely comfortable with it. In fact, I'm very relaxed under fire. If you get to the point that you're relaxed in there, then you're getting to the point where you will be relaxed upon impact.

The MMA guys that I've seen, worked with, etc., are rigid. They've been in combative situations quite a bit.... much more than the normal person.... yet, they remain rigid. This leads me to think that, for most people, it takes years of sparring/competition to get truly relaxed. This seems to be especially the case for people who start boxing later. (Obviously, there are exceptions and everyone is different.)

Which, not surprisingly, leads me back to a common theme of mine: Get in the ring to learn how to box. The quote in my profile sums it up.

Rolling/riding with the punch requires skill. It's an advance boxing technique. Ray Leonard said in an interview that he learned a lot from his first fight with Duran. Leonard said that Duran was hard to hit and when he did hit him, he couldn't hurt Duran because Duran was great in rolling with the punches. When it's too late to block or slip a punch, then it's better to roll with the punch. That's what I do.

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