Roman Paper Cutter

In this video I show a variation of the Paper Cutter Choke.  

Over the years I've learned that a move is only as good as it's setup or entry.  This particular entry has been very successful for me because when it goes wrong it rarely ends with me on the bottom.  

In addition to it being a fairly safe move to attempt, having the head up on the thigh makes a HUGE difference with how much choke you get. 

Also, this variation of the Paper Cutter will be a much cleaner choke as you are getting the entry from an angle.  It will have a feel very similar to the Clock Choke.

Really love your vids man

Good stuff. Very well explained.

Awesome details!  Thanks a lot!


Fantastic, can't wait to play around with this one. 



I like it. I am always looking for more mount attacks that keep me on top.