Romanex Pre Show clip !!


Frye is going to fight but he could barely get out of his chair.

Sam came off as very respectful. I really hope he does well.

The real question, though, is which side of the room would you take? I'm going left. Josh, Sapp, Big Daddy, Penn, that group of fighters could fuck some shit up.

LOL I dont know who they hired to do the translations of what the
fighters said, but the Japanese translations are nothing like what the
fighters actually said. Reminds me of a scene from Lost in Translation

"That's Inoki's theme song - Inoki Boom Bay Yea !"

No its not! It is a dif song, I Will find out the name later. Inoki Bom Ba Ye sounds waaaaaaaaay different.


I just listened to that song again and that shit is dope!!!!


Fujita's entrance song is unquestionably "Inoki Boom Bay Yea". It's been Inoki's theme song for ages now.


Wild Celtic-

"Honoo no(Burnning) fighter-orchestra version"

That is Fujita's entrance song, taken from Gryphon's site. Inoki Bom Ba Ye has the phrase "Inoki Bom BA Ye" repeated several times in the beginning. Inoki came out to it during Shcokwave.


Alright, I'll believe you......for now !

is it just me, or does it look like they put all the winners (or at least who they thought were going to win) on left side, and all the losers on the right side. and the guys on the right side are like, why the fuck am i on this side.