Rome fight Nite-Fight Card!

Rome Fight Nite

Fight Card

May 20, 2006

Current May 14

185 LB Match
1. Ryan Faircloth (IMB) VS Stacey Meeks (Team Fusion)

170 LB Tournament:
2. Carlton Spaulding (Knuckle Up) VS Mathew Dawley (Academy of Combat Evolution)

  1. Matthew "Killswitch" Smith (Gurgel) VS Jeremiah Gurley (Assassin Grapplers)

170 LB Match
4. Chris Campbell (Alliance) VS Jacob Clark (Knuckle Up)

155 LB Match
5. Matthew "The Madman" Hicks (Gurgel) VS Clay Brooks (Knuckle Up)

155 LB Match
6. Jeff Powell (IMB) VS Jake Edgeman (Team Fusion)

155 LB Match
7. David Degoma (IMB) VS TBA

185 LB Match
8. David Boles (UKS)VS Jesse Grunn (Assassin Grapplers)

170 LB Tournament Final
9. Winner Bout 2 VS Winner Bout 3

185 LB Match
10. James Ashcraft VS Casey Pintar (Team Fusion)

205+ LB Match
11. Frankie Parkman (Alliance) VS Sean McGilvray (Academy of Combat Evolution)

205 LB Match
12. Josh Johnson (Hayness Boxing) VS Ricky "The Law" Robinson (TMAC)

He is a local Cop.


ttt, JJ I finally got the medals squared away.

great card



Tickets are available at:

The Venue is Shorter College in Rome, GA.

Come on down everyone!