Rome: Total War

This game looks sick, is it worth buying? Can anyone burn me a copy for like $13 shipped?

great game, but I'm not sending you a copy :P

i heard that the physics aren't as good as in the previous games though

What does this shizzle have to do with GTA:San Andreas, Niggaz?

Rome is totally worth the game in a long time...

Not much in the way of physics in the game, Monkey, not sure what yer talkin aboot.

A lot of people complained the units were too fast and the cavalry were too powerful. This made the game less tactical because it was too hard to control all your men and too easy too flank.

The fact remains, millions of people will always complain when a game is released because it dosn't exactly match their expectations. This is doubly so when the game series has a hardcore following. Rome just has a different 'feel' to it from M:TW, and once you get used to it, you won't want to go back.

game of the year, easily

jonwell, you just broke my heart.

sounds like a good game.

Awesome game, best deep strategy title of the year by ages.

someone burn one for me (please), none of my friends have it.

I'm not a hippie, I'm a freeloading personal trainer trainee...

maybe I'll get one on ebay. I haven't bought a game at full price in many years, nor a CD. I don't believe in buying overpriced stuff like that.

This game is the best game of PC this year so far, possibly ever. Only Half Life 2 has a chance of dethroning it. Too bad you can't play it.

Oh well


Tsuneo speak the truth....silly pirate


I'll buy it somewhere for full price.

thanks a lot assholes. was better back in the day when people didn't have a hockey stick stuck sideways up their self-righteous asses.

better then warhammer 40k dawn of war?!?!?!

different killacox... I'm not THAT jazzed with the new battle engine in Rome...

single player I guess Rome has the longevity, but for my dollar, DoW is the best action strategy game of the year.