Romero gets 6 month suspension

"In December, Romero tested positive for a substance called Ibutamoren, a growth hormone secretagogue. The National Center for Biotechnology Information describes the substance, which is prohibited under the UFC's anti-doping policy, as stimulating growth hormone release "through a pituitary and hypothalamic receptor."

Romero, 38, denied knowingly taking the substance and has claimed all along that it came from a contaminated substance. USADA said in its release that it had Romero's supplement tested and Ibutamoren did indeed come up, even though that banned substance was not listed on the label.

"This case clearly demonstrates some of the dangers inherent to supplement use," USADA's Special Advisor on Drugs and Supplements Dr. Amy Eichner said in the release. "When considering whether to incorporate supplements into a training plan, it is vitally important that athletes exercise the upmost care in order to avoid making a decision that could endanger their eligibility, reputation or general health and wellness."

The substance that Romero tested positive for has not been known until now."

I am surprised this is all he tested positive for.

Bisping's reaction:

Good thing he didn't smoke weed...

What a joke. Phone Post 3.0

How can a guy who doesn't seem that bright keep beating the tests? There's no way some shitty secretagogue got him dem traps! Phone Post 3.0

Gay Jesus couldn't hold Romero down Phone Post 3.0

Kennedy can s#ck it

I thought if you got a tainted supplement it was on you. There are USADA approved companies and anything else is use at your own risk?

Still no proof he's ever juiced.

Not convinced he's dirty but it wouldn't be a surprise either if he got caught with a syringe in his ass. Phone Post 3.0

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