Romney gets boo'ed (video)

To call him an empty suit isn’t accurate at all.

I agree with you. Trump improved the image of all other Republicans when he was elected and acted like an ass hat on a daily basis. I would absolutely hold my nose and vote for just about any Republican to prevent Trump from being elected again.

The populist right has moved towards putting legal American citizens first, securing our borders as a sovereign nation, trying to bring manufacturing back to our shores, being energy independent from the rest of the world, trying to broker peace amongst other nations while not starting any actual new wars. Not perfectly obviously. That is impossible to do in such a short amount of time. But please, tell me how that is bad. And contrast it with the sheer lunacy that the current crop of ACTUAL authoritarians pretending to play White House are bringing about.

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He changed directions like the wind during his campaign. When you try to stand for everything, you stand for nothing.