Romo Rivera: Win a blue name!

  Alright lads,

Unfortunately I saw the ATTN: UKTT thread too late, and all the SN bets were taken.  But, I thought of another idea! 

To support my mates (and of course, THE Count) in the upcomming fight in Feburary between none other than Michael THE Count Bisping and Jorge EL Conquistador Rivera, I decided to come up with a Romo thread.  Since I suck at Romoshopping, I figured I'm much better at giving things away!  So here's the contest, make a Romo of Rivera; win a blue name!

So all you have to do is find a hysterical picture of Jorge Rivera, Romoshop the shit out of it, and upload it to this thread, and YOU could be posting in BLUE!  I will be giving away a Blue for 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd place, so even if you think it sucks, throw it up here!  The theme is open, so you're only limited by what your feeble imagination can come up with!

To recap our ebets, as of now it looks like we've got:

1st we got Terraform v. Naderhood for a 30 day SN bet (including pic w/ sign of winner choosing & creating thread).

2nd we've got a grudge match (not really) in GSTQ v. HarlemSavoy in another 30 day SN bet.

and lastly, we have one HELL of a bet between Rammit & A Dingo Ate My Creepy for $300 and a loser-leaves-town match for 6 months.

*Disclaimer: All winners will be subjected to a poll as voted on by the members of the UG to decide the winner(s).  The posters of this thread will nominate 10 Romos to move on to the final poll for the FREE BLUE NAME!  So no one can claim subjectivity as to the cause for them not winning.

 Here's some ammo...

But feel free to use any pics you can find!


 Dingo, fuck,  I actually never saw that one, that's hysterical. 

...But, will not be an acceptable submission.

*EDIT: Double post. 

*EDIT: Tripple post. Jesus H. Christ, work computer, work faster...although...I am getting paid right now..   

 that's some original content right there Bisping derailed his bicycle just like Rivera will derail him in Feb.

This is definitely going to turn into a Bisping romo thread just so you know

This is definitely going to turn into a Bisping romo thread just so you know

A Dingo Ate My Creepy -  


 ttt for limey romos