ROMO this Frank Mir

Pic on front page was too much to pass up. 









I'll start



ChokeEmOut - Someone needs to romoshop Quato coming out of his stomach

Lol Phone Post

It's a scary ass pic of Mir Phone Post 3.0

Dis gonna be good Phone Post

Frank Mur Phone Post 3.0


In these are good Phone Post 3.0

In so hard Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

Kingfanpaul - 

^ awesome work guys. Vote ups for everyone......although you gotta wait till tomorrow Letibleu, cuz I got you earlier.

Ah, don't worry about it. We are only supposed to do 1 cool thing a day regardless.

Is this pic the reason everyone calls Mir the devil? Cuz I see it... Phone Post 3.0

I thought this thread was going to die, woke this morning to see it full of brilliance.

Excellent work everyone thanks for contributing. VU's all around.


Brian Rule - 

Vote this man up.