Romoshop request

In Wrestle Mania 4 Brutus the Barber Beefcake cut Jimmy Harts hair off. Can someone please photoshop my face on Brutus and Mario's face on Jimmy Harts.

A nice Sims Army package will be sent out to someone if they could doctor it on video and post it on here.


Sperry by armbar.

Well your name just about sums it up

Evil to the rescue , your hero has spoken !


TTT 4 the snapping of Wes' limbs.

It would make it alot easier if you had the image to work off of. The trouble is trying to find it. People would need the DVD of WM4 to snapshot it. I don't have it unfortunately :\

I just looked for it and couldnt find it if someone could find It I could do the photoshopping...the pic is hard to find.

im willing...if only i understood what you wanted...which mario are we talking about?and can you post the wm pic

can't find that pic, Big Wes. closest I could find, could work since photoshoping the faces.

Wes Sims=P4P Greatest fighter alive,and ruler over time and existence.


I remember Beefcake (Roddy Piper also?) cutting Adorable Adrian Adonis' hair at Wrestlemania 3. Good times.

ttt 4 laterz

<img src=""

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anyway you cut it sperry does not look happy :(


Oh man I think it may be on once again...haha...