ROM's and Emulators???

 Shit seems too complicated for me.  I feel like playing some old nes, Snes, Genesis type stuff today and don't know shit about this stuff.  Could someone post a good site for me to dl the necessary goods and tell me what my dumbass needs to do to make it work.  Thanks!!  :)

Here are some sites that I used to get emulators and roms:

the recommended emulators (the program you need to play the roms) are listed on the sites.

it's simple to get started. just load up the emulator and open the rom you want to play. you might have to fool around with the video settings though.

its really not difficult. look on youtube for instructionals.

Yea, its pretty easy, once you get past the initial setting up of controllers..etc.etc.

I was heavy into the emulation scene back in the late 90s and early 2k.. been meaning to update my emulators and rom collections.

You can waste away entire nights/weekends with this stuff. Phone Post