Ron Beer?

I'm thinking of joining this place - Ron Beer's self Defense,

Has anyone trained there, or currently training there?

If so, I'd appreciate some info as to the quality of training, conditioning, etc.

Also, is there a lot of sparring?


markffd your joking right are you new around here

Could someone let me into the joke. Whats so bad about this guy?

I live 10 mins from Ron Beer's...I would rather travel to Karma ( 30 mins away ), Shah's ( 25 mins away ), Rebellion ( soon to be 10 mins away, currently 45 mins away ).

Personally, I do not recommend Ron Beer's.

alright then, I guess it'll be Rebellion JJ.

now your talking !

Rebellion guys post your new location.

I trained at Ron Beer's for 2 years. Does the term Snake Oil salesman come to mind!

To his credit, his boxing program was pretty good at the time, but his grappling program sucked. Also it was basically a kids school. 90% of people under 180 pounds.

i drink beer

Sigh.. The usual BJJ clubs disrespect for us.. It's hard ot understand since we never disrespect you.

Ron is a great guy and we have some great athletes who have done well in competition.

Our grappling program is not a joke. We concentrate relatively more on standup wrestling and conditioning. We do have children's programs but they are completely separate.

Joe Ferraro, funny how he was trying to make nice with Ron and hanging around our club when he thought he could get something out of it..

Grappler, 0 posts... who are you ?

Why don't you ask Ulisses Castro what he thinks of Ron, or the York Region police

If you like where you train that is cool. However, I think it is unfare to charcterize this as a BJJ versus fill in the blank style thing. I've never heard of Ron Beer. But Karmarep is a straight shooter, and one of the commenters doesn't list BJJ in his profile, I doubt that there is a BJJ conspiracy.

Naughty Gorilla,

I trained at Ron Beer's for nearly a year until I noticed things I found were not up to par ( to my liking ). I wasn't getting anywhere. At the time, I was learning one technique a week...Yes, one a week. I would learn an armbar on Monday, and it would be the same class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I realized his system was not what I was looking for. On top of that, I was privy to so many stories of him and other 'legends' that I was in awe...especially when I found out many of these stories were not true.

When my membership expired, I left the school and began training at Grappling Arts in Woodbridge. My game shot through the roof as I was learning more than I could handle. There were much better students, instructors and an honest comradarie I found to be lacking at Ron Beer's.

Sometime later, I bumped into Ron and he said to swing by the dojo to say 'Hello'. I did so and in front of a friend of mine aw well as his students, he treated me like I was some sort of charity case. I brushed it off as I knew that's how he was. I continued to take the class and he continued to embarass me, correcting me on techniques he didn't even know exhisted!!! Why? Cause he was there taking notes with A PEN AND A NOTEPAD then having my partner repeat it over and over again. He would give this new technique it's 'own name' to fit in his system. I payed it no mind.

I later opened up Showdown with Danny. I went to say 'Hello, and to let him know I opened a company and if he ever needed any gear, to please consider me. If that's called 'hanging around', then You call it what you like. I'll call it an initial sales introduction. Naturally, he brushed me off. When he moved I still went back to go see him, just to see where his club was at and to congrulate him on his new location. Once again, treated as if I wasn't worthy. Perhaps at this point you are wondering why I kept going back? Simple, I try not to burn bridges and do not worry about people's behaviours, but try and deal with their personality instead. I tried to continue my friendship with him, be it professional or simple 'Hello's'.

At one point, there was a major event called the 'Masters of the Arts'. It was bringing together all the martial arts and have the 'best' instructors come and teach their 'art' to seminar participants. I gave the event organizer Ron's info but he never called back. I went to go see Ron simply to inform that I really believed this would be good for his program, in terms of advertising his system. Just trying to be nice, but according to you, it's called hanging out. Hmmm...okay.

Another time I 'hung out' was when I had the Toronto Showdown. Well, I thought it would be cool to 'hang out' with Ron and tell him about the event, perhaps if he could do me the honour of bringing his students or perhaps helping out and refereeing...or perhaps joining the Grappling Community seeing as he does teach a form of Grappling!!!! It's called 'PROMOTING'!!!!! Guess what I got??? The big F.U.

That's pretty much when I stopped 'hanging out' with Ron Beer.

So Naughty Gorilla...please, post some more bull shit so I can clean it up for you. I don't know you and at this point don't want to, seeing as you try and drag my name through the mud with NO TRUTH behind it. I tried to bring Ron Beer into the community too many times and got treated like a jerk off. I knew the reputation he had amongst other dojo's and students but didn't care. I thought it would be best if he proved to them he had students capable of rolling with the best. Ahhh...the big FU once again.

Please...educate yourself before you post your ignorance to a situation you truely know nothing about.

And yes, my e-mail is if you wish to contact me as well.

Don't mess with showdown joe!

That webpage reminds me of except that I don't think Ron Beer was ever charged and convicted of sexual offences against children. Although I hear that the Kanzen guy's appeal went through for a re-trial.

No disrespect to other clubs, but where have students
from Ron's club done well in grappling tournaments?
I mean locally? I've been to most of the local one's
and never have i seen or heard of a student of Ron's
winning....would this be any advanced division?
There are black belts there, but never have i seen
any at tourneys, no logo's, no advertising...or have
i been missing this?

To those who want to know "who I am", well F.U. I don't need to disclose that. I am grappler2010. I don't need to start personal quibbling between myself and businessmen to state my opinion.

I was in fact a student of Beer's for 2 years and I can tell you AS a for STUDENT the opinions on this forum are DEAD ON.

Beer talks smack about other schools-- "those guys EGOS can't get through the door", after his students go out and lose, lose, and lose again repeatedly. But when he needs to make a dime, he'll try to capitalize on every slogan -- "I am the founder of Shootwrestling Canada..." , "I trained national, international atheletes".

I guarantee you even his blackbelts grapplers wouldn't last with 90% of BJJ bluebelts out there.

At the time I was at the school Beer also simply refused to grappler any of the advanced students, and this is when I was only there for 2 years! Yet he'd try to intimidate you with his "fighting prowess"...

Ron Beer -- "Man of a thousand locks and holds" aka Snake Oil Salesman

Ron's runs a family type martial arts club. If your happy there then so be it. But the truth is he knows very little about grappling and a whole lot about business and self promotion.

Come on out to grappling event and see whats going on around you.

It would appear as if Showdown Joe and Karma Rep have nailed this one on the head.


I'm trying to drag YOUR name through the mud ? LOL, reread who post what on this thread first

"So Naughty Gorilla...please, post some more bull shit so I can clean it up for you. I don't know you and at this point don't want to, seeing as you try and drag my name through the mud with NO TRUTH behind it."