Ron Jhun Vs. Keita Nakamura

ITS Official!!!

July 21 @ Dole Ballroom

SHOOTO's Middleweight Pacific Rim Championship

Ronald "Machine Gun" Jhun (808 Fight Factory, Honolulu)


Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura (11-0-2, Wajyutsu Keisyuka Tokyo, Japan)

Jhun Dream AWAITS!!

A fighter in his career has a goal, a dream. Hawaii's Ronald "Machine Gun" Jhun will be one step closer come July 21, And if he pulls out a win he dream will become reality. Since he first fought in Shooto Japan Jhun knew what his destiny was, It was to win a Championship Belt from one of the WORLDS RESPECTED Organization SHOOTO.

Jhun has won championships from KOTC, WARRIORS QUEST & IFC but nothing will feel as more important then this upcoming title match, Jhun has fought and loss two descion aganist former Shooto Champion Erik Paulson and Masanori Suda. Now the only thing in his way is a submission fighter from Japan name Keita Nakamura with an 11-0-2 record with 6 of wins coming from submissions. Can Jhun be the first Hawaiian to every win a SHOOTO Championship in Hawaii or will Nakamura spoil his HOMECOMING

We would like to thank Shooto Commission, Rich Santoro for making this happen. Also both Jhun & Nakamura for making this ground breaking event in Hawaii.

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What weight is this fight at?


If you take a look at his record Jhun is fighting the best fight after fight. Gotta respect a fighter thats not trying to pad his record but putting it on the line.

Jhun is a warrior

Loss Frank Trigg Decision (Unaminous) ROTR 8-Rumble on the Rock 8 1/20/2006 3 5:00

Loss Thales Leites TKO (Doctor Stoppage) ROTR-Qualifiers 9/17/2005 3 0:32

Loss Jay Hieron TKO (Cut) LIP 1-Lockdown in Paradise 1 3/19/2005 1 4:34

Win Shigetoshi Iwase Decision (Unanimous) PIP 9-Punishment in Paradise 9 1/22/2005 3 5:00

Loss Jason Miller Technical Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) SB 37-SuperBrawl 37 10/16/2004 2

Loss Chris Lytle Submission (Guillotine Choke) UFC 49-Unfinished Business 8/21/2004 2 1:17

Win Ryan Schultz TKO (Corner Stoppage) ROTR 5-Rumble on the Rock 5 5/7/2004 2 5:00

Win Kyle Brees TKO SB 33-SuperBrawl 33 2/7/2004 3 4:40

Win Andrew Chappelle Decision (Unanimous) ROH 3-Ring of Honor 3 1/24/2004 3 5:00

Win Sean Taylor TKO (Corner Stoppage) ROTR 4-Rumble on the Rock 4 10/10/2003 2 3:05

Loss Tiki Ghosn Decision (Split) SB 31-SuperBrawl 31 9/20/2003 3 5:00

Loss John Alessio Decision (Unanimous) KOTC 29-Renegades 9/5/2003 3 5:00

Win Shonie Carter Decision (Unanimous) KOTC 23-Sin City 5/16/2003 5 5:00

Win James Meals Submission (Strikes) KFC 2-Kaos Fighting Championships 2 4/26/2003 N/A

Win Mike Penabler Decision (Unanimous) SB 28-SuperBrawl 28 2/8/2003 3 5:00

Draw Dennis Hallman Draw KOTC 19-Street Fighter 12/7/2002 2 5:00

Draw Shonie Carter Draw SB 27-SuperBrawl 27 11/9/2002 3 5:00

Loss Stephan Potvin Submission (Toe Hold) UCC Hawaii-Eruption in Hawaii 9/17/2002 3 3:18

Loss Masanori Suda Decision (Majority) Shooto-Treasure Hunt 7 6/29/2002 3 5:00

Loss Izuru Takeuchi Decision (Majority) Shooto-Treasure Hunt 1 1/12/2002 3 5:00

Win Shannon Ritch TKO (Strikes) Warriors Quest 3-Punishment in Paradise 12/1/2001 1 2:17

Loss Jermaine Andre TKO (Punches) WFA 1-World Fighting Alliance 1 11/3/2001 1 3:11

Win Pete Spratt KO (Knee) Warriors Quest 2-Battle of Champions 8/1/2001 3

Win Joe Stevenson Decision (Unanimous) Warriors Quest 1-The New Beginning 5/29/2001 3 5:00

Win Dave Strasser Submission (Armbar) SB 21-SuperBrawl 21 5/24/2001 2 4:42

Win Brian Sleeman Submission (Armbar) KOTC 8-Bombs Away 4/29/2001 2 2:03

Win JT Taylor TKO HC 2-Hawaii Combat 2 3/1/2001 2 0:33

Win Jordon Klimp TKO IFC WC 11-Warriors Challenge 11 1/13/2001 1 3:07

Win Jason von Flue TKO IFC WC 10-Warriors Challenge 10 10/11/2000 1

Loss Erik Paulson Decision (Unanimous) SB 17-SuperBrawl 17 4/15/2000 3 5:00

Win Kim Mason TKO (Punches) SB 16-SuperBrawl 16 2/8/2000 2 3:44

Loss Yuki Sasaki Submission (Triangle/Armbar) Shooto-R.E.A.D. 1 1/14/2000 3 2:20

Win Deshon Dungey Submission (Rear Naked Choke) SB 15-SuperBrawl 15 12/7/1999 1 4:21

Win John Chrisostomo TKO (Cut) SB 14-SuperBrawl 14 11/5/1999 1 1:15

Win Skip McNeil TKO (Punches) SB 14-SuperBrawl 14 11/5/1999 1 0:14

Loss Marcos da Silva Submission (Rear Naked Choke) SB 13-SuperBrawl 13 9/7/1999 1 2:19

Win James Zikic Decision (Majority) SB 12-SuperBrawl 12 6/1/1999 3 5:00

Loss James Zikic Submission (Rear Naked Choke) SB 11-SuperBrawl 11 2/2/1999 1 3:40

Win Paul Cutts TKO (Strikes) SB 11-SuperBrawl 11 2/2/1999 1 0:15

Loss Eugene Jackson Technical Submission (Forearm Choke) SB 8-SuperBrawl 8 8/4/1998 1 1:17

Win Eddy Millis Submission (Armbar) SB 8-SuperBrawl 8 8/4/1998 1 3:48

Congrats to Ron Jhun and 808 fight factory, I hear that they are going to be really busy this month. Hopefully I will get another chance to train with Ron before this fight.

Hey Rob,

I been trying to randy for the boys but no anser to messages or emails.

Well Jhun doesn,t make excuse, from what i've seen he lost a good descion to triggs, Fought in a heavier weight class aganist Thales, Got a cut to the stop the fight in thales & Herion said he could've gone on but he also said its was the doctors descion.

He jus loves the sport and wants to just fight

wow this fight is happening at Punishment in Paradise?

i think i went to one, friend fought in it, and it was hosted out of a High School Gym.

yeah we did some at some high schools with the smaller shows, but we was at sea life park and sold out 2,000 jan and 1,500 April

Dol Cannery ballrooms is a very nice venue

thales the black belt from brazil said some good things about rons ground

Do you know the pacific rim champs for the heavier weights?

K-Taro is going to whip Jhun's ass.

Rhun Jhun is a tough fighter that does not dodge anyone. He will be fighting on June 3rd against Antonio Mckee. Be prepered for all out war. Someone posted that you will be able to see the fight live at
on a Internet Pay per view the first of its kind. Once again I think Rhun will win his two upcoming fights.

"wasnt Enson a shooto champion who hails from Hawaii?"

Yeah but he didn't win it in Hawaii.