Ron Krull NO SHOW vs. Jason Medina

I hope that he is OK. Seriously.

I am not making this thread to bad mouth him, but I am just letting everyone know that I received a call from Jason and he told me that the promoter has not heard from Ron Krull (NativeAmericanAssassin) all day. He was supposed to be there this morning, and as of Jason's call to me (which was right before the fights were scheduled to start), Ron had not been heard from.

Hopefully, he is OK.

I just thought that I would let you guys know...


Ps. Ron, if you read this, please let us know that you are OK.


Was he driving to the event? Hope nothing happened on the way... He was on here excited about his first event I think yesterday or the day before....



I'm sure he is ok (seriously). He most likely found out he was a little over his head and did the no show. Hope the rest of the show went well.

is he ok???????


yes its him bobsappfan.

does anyone have any results from the event? Especially the Jason Brilz fight.

"doesn't duck nobody" actually means "there's no one he does not duck". You meant "doesn't duck anybody" :-)


ttt for an explanation...???

I remember all the hell this guy raised on the forum last year, LOL.


After all of his trash talk in the past I am guessing he probably couldn't take the pressure and nerved out? I am sure he will pop back up with a million and one excuses why he didn't make it to the fights.


This sucks! Medina had a long drive too. Hopefully Ron Krull is ok, but no show and no call.....c'mon, man.

Well let me say this.

I have left a message with the 2 numbers that I have contacted before and nobody told me he was in a car accident or missing in any woods. Ron Krull you fuck! You will never fight in my show and any show I have an affiliation with. Not only was I embarrassed to have to tell a true warrior Jason Medina that the fight I booked him and he had to drive all the way from  Iowa, had to cover all costs to bring Jason down but then keep him waiting thinking he was going to show later. I usually don't speak out on the UG but this pissed me off. I know this is all part of the game but a call or something is the right thing to do. It really sucks when a small promotion like ours tries and gets some of the up and comers booked on our shows and this kind of shit happens. I truly am sorry to Jason to have to be in fight mode and have a big disappointment of some fu*k that doesn't show or call. Lessons are learned every day.

I hope this stays up until he responds.

  I could not find a fight for Jason Brilz. He is a hard guy to get a fight. I hope I will get to book him on next events. He is a Fricken stud and obviously a real Bad Ass. Very nice guy to talk to on the phone. Sorry it didn't work out this time.

Well I might still vent later but again Thanks Jason Medina for coming out and representing. Thanks to Jason Brilz for all his patience and above all thanks to all that came!

Krull good luck at getting fights you piece of green and yeller puke.

By the way if something does surface that he was killed or mamed (which is the only excuse good enough) I will retract my comments.






how about some results from the fights that did happen

ttt-for an answer