Ron Rose Tell's His Side

Ron Rose tell's his side of the IFC Sturgis Story.

It's on the home page just scroll down to see it!!!!!!!

Mike call me when you get a chance I have Ron's contact Info.


I told this story lastnight on insidefighting's raido show i think you can download it from there site they had some other guest on like Monty Cox and other people talking about everything

very interesting, thanks for the info!!

When Ron Called me on Friday he was mad as hell about the story I had up on our site I told him send me your side and I will set the record straight

I got the story from fightsport

lol again.

apologies to Ron Rose, all around, despite that most of them are silent.

36 ticket sales for the IFC show???/

Nothing funnier than a poorly written, libel-addled story that's cut and pasted across every MMA website.

Who's telling the truth, are those the correct figures of ticket sales, number of people purchased the tickets, who were the real investors.

Bad press for MMA venue to go mainstream, alot of shifty business dealings going sour really hurting the fans and fighters in general.

You and I don't know who's telling the truth. That's the point.

I think he was talking about 36 tickets sold through etix machines

I dont get what this has to do with MMA, this was a music festival with many events, one being an IFC show. I do not see anyone placing blame on BB King or 38 Special.

Ron Rose said: My detractors should also keep in mind that Sturgis 2004, LLC is not comprised solely of Ron Rose. There are other members of the corporation, some of whom have started these malicious lies about me.

So it was his own people who started these (lies) about him, and he never hung around to defend himself.

NAA no checks or balances for no show fighters like yourself also

Those ticket numbers are ridiculously low for any event. Can they be verified? What avenues other than etix could people buy tickets?

The response from the IFC

After suddenly pulling out of the Sturgis Music Festival 2004 in mid festival and forcing the cancellation of such acts as Grand Funk Railroad, .38 Special, Rare Earth, BB King, J.Geils, Dr. John, the Bacon Brothers, Paul Rodriquez and the IFC’ Sturgis Rumble Rally, the event’s promoter –Poker Champion Ron Rose – is threatening libel action against the IFC and others.

“It’s a novel concept worthy of a world poker champion”, says IFC Caged Combat CEO Howard Petschler. “You fail in a business venture, lose money and then threaten to sue the people you just screwed over for saying that you screwed them over. It’s one way to consider getting your money back. Unfortunately for Mr. Rose when it comes to libel, the truth is an absolute defense.”

Continues Mr. Petschler,“Mr. Rose declines to mention certain facts. He was solely responsible for the marketing and promotion of the festival and had assumed absolute control of the Festival. I don’t question for a minute that he failed to sell sufficient tickets to keep from losing money. What I find deplorable is his failure to accept responsibility. He stranded his own crew. Most had worked for a week, hadn’t been paid and didn’t have the resources to even get home. Once the events caterers packed up, a local supermarket donated food to help feed them and other former partners of Mr. Rose helped them get home. IFC crew members even donated money to help feed one the crew members’ dogs when the crew member was unable to provide for it. We had assumed that it would take quite a while for us to get Mr. Rose into court. Perhaps he can speed up the process for us. ”

Sturgis Mayor Mark Zeigler said that Rose's allegations about the city are false. Zeigler said the city supported the event as much as possible, promoting it on the town's Web site and at other venues. "He (Rose) is going to try and find a scapegoat," Zeigler said. "The city of Sturgis is not the scapegoat for the failure of the Sturgis Music Festival. He is looking for a scapegoat and in the same breath he skips town and leaves people unpaid and ticket holders unreimbursed. We all live in this community and this area with the understanding that we pay our bills and we live up to what we say we do. He (Rose) didn't live up to his promises."

The South Dakota Department of Revenue is investigating Mr. Rose for his failure collect and pay sales tax. In fact, he hadn’t even applied for a sales tax license for the event, despite having been advised to do so by the Department. The Department is just one of the agencies now exploring the actions of Mr. Rose.