Ron Tursak, here's an CFC update

Ron, Courage Fighting Championships will be Sat. July 17th at the Downtown Decatur,Il, Licoln Square Theatre, (theatre Style Seating, which holds 800 people. (perfect for my first show) Here's the Miletich Fighters i have fights for officially... Jason Medina, Mike C, Roy Markem, Joe Pearson, Emily Fisher, and AJ,..... Here's the fighters i'm still working very hard to get fights for Chris Miletich, Joe Jordan, Chris Keller!! I'm pretty sure South African Josh Howat has a fight against Dave Stone. Dave is confirming this week. His family vacation is in July, and he has to check the dates.

You might as well call my card the Miletich Fighting Championships. LOL

Wow, that sounds awesome!

July 17th !!!! Thank you, now I can come to the show for sure and still do the BIX road race. TTT for a great dude and a great show.