Ronda armbar from the back (Kaufman)

After the Kaufman fight, I think someone post a few judo seminars detailing that particular arm bar, I think they were in Japanese. The vids broke down the technique very well. I can't find them can anyone help.
So far I only founnd the BJJ ones, which are good but don;' have the same detail.

This one? It's in Japanese.

That's it. Pay attention how his left leg inserts across the midsection and hooks the outer right thigh. This video demonstrates how this move is taught in practically every judo dojo.

factchecker that's the one!! How did you find it?

Will be drilling this tomorrow night. Thanks!

"How did you find it?"

I posted it under my old screenname, lol.

This is the guy in the video.

He is from Tokai University. Now he teaches Judo at a high school in Kumamoto, Japan.

He also shows his tomoenage and sumigaeshi in the following videos. No words spoken, though.

Thanks, some unique thinks I saw on the tomenage hand movements and sumi gaeshi reach across to the armpit and foot/heal placement vs leg insert(hook)(standard).