Ronda Closing the distance game

What do you think she needs to change in her closing the distance game plan?maybe add a Jon Jones stand up game with the kicks to the knee instead of boxing her way in 

needs to learn to wrestle


low single ala randy vs toney

I've read that the condition of her knees prevents her from wrestling/shooting lower body takedowns, but I wonder if she could learn a power double where she wouldn't be shooting as low as a standard double leg. If she could learn to set that up well offensively, or use it defensively as an opponent is closing the distance towards her with committed strikes.

She used to be able to just bull rush and eat a punch or 2 which from a 135lb female isn't much to absorb usually. She ran into women who know how to throw a proper punch, keep the distance, and have good timing.

Btw, all we've heard about Ronda's knees is from Schaub. She did have the surgery, we don't know for sure she can't wrestle. I imagine her knees are better than Cruz and Cain's and they didn't stop wrestling.