This Sunday, 3-18-12, the USJA / USJF West Coast Training Center welcome back Sensei, Ronda Jean Rousey, for a Clinic at Millennia MMA, 8423 Rochester Ave., Suite #102, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. from 2 to 6PM. 55 BJJ/JUDO kids and teens attend this invitational clinic. I asked Ronda to do this clinic help raise money for the West Coast Judo Training Center students to pay their competition fees and to reward these kids for all their hard training. Ronda agree to do for free. I'm so proud of the women she has become! She took pictures, sign autographs, let the kids hold her belt and talk to these kids willfully.

Anyway, the clinic was great we divide the group into 3 groups (beginner, intermediate, and advance). We use three areas of the gym (the big mat, the cage ,and the upstairs mat); we had 3 groups of 2 instructors in each area. Each group of instructors rotated to each area. The kids were provide instruction in bjj, no-gi grappling, MMA, Sambo and judo. Each of group of kids had 2 session with each group of instructors. The last hour was randori with combine rules of each grappling art (lots of old school randori where the randori does not stop because you are on the ground, all submission were allowed including leglocks)

We end the day with a victory meal and a huge UFC CAKE for Ronda.

I would like to thank Ronda, Ann Marie, Blinkly, Gracie Blackbelt Tom Reusing for their instruction toady.

I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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