Ronda vs Holm ROUND 5

Well itd have to be Holms 4th rematch Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0

lol at this fight going longer than 1 minute.

The worst match up ever. Get it over already and have her fight Cyborg...that is the ONLY fight that makes sense.

Rd 1, first 20 seconds Ronda headlock slams her to the ground, flurry of punches then armbar.

Holm has exactly zero chance to win this fight.

sweetpeteskeet - Lets speculate here for a minute... Ronda herself admitted this fight will probably be a long one and i got to thinking, what if Holly just out strikes her and keeps her on the outside? What if Ronda was down 4 rounds on the judges score cards?

What would round 5 look like and would Ronda leave with the W ? Phone Post 3.0
Don't be honeydicked Phone Post 3.0

I forgot one thing...after Ronda smokes Holm Rogan is almost going to have a break down:)

pudgepauley66 - This fight could be broadcasted on Vine Phone Post 3.0
/thread Phone Post 3.0

Yeah just like she was going to make her last fight last longer. You can't buy into any of this shit Phone Post 3.0

The only thing that will hit Ronda before she wins by armbar is the wind of Holmes strikes.

She sure likes to hit that air. Phone Post 3.0

First thing Holly is gunna do is back pedal Phone Post 3.0