Ronda's grandmother was a nun

And her mom is a catholic do you think they would support someone who desires to kill an opponent? Phone Post

I seriously want to know what kind of joy it is to create troll threads like this? How in the hell is this fun to anyone over the age of 12? I know I won't get a real answer but I just do not understand how someone could think this is fun or funny?


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my other vote down was already used.....on the same guy.....on a ronda rousey family thread.

My guess is this guy has had it with this place and is trying to get banned in a fairly lame way. Anyways, I tried to help his cause with the vote down.

Not trying to get banned at all people want info on Ronda. They can live without posting more dumb shit everyday about Ronda. Every new sentence is a headline to the underground front page news so I'm following suit.

And quit with the banning shit who cares really. I will just lurk like I use to. I didn't post until they came out with an app. I use it while I'm bored at work while you guys take it reeeeeal serious. Phone Post

 that's a legit question.

No they shouldn't be proud and Rhonda should be ashamed.  She is making a fool of herself and comes off as an angry and hateful person.