RONIN MMA - Belt Promotions

Congratulations to those who recently were promoted on December 1st, 2007 by Professor Ben Meireles, and assisted by Professor Felipe Heidrich.

Damien Sabourin - Brown

Wade Shanley - Brown

Ryan Kellar - Purple

Jason Harper - Blue

Dale Spencer - Blue

James Brown - Blue

Graig Compton - Blue

Brock Williams - Blue

Jarrah Al Shammari - Blue

Billy De Melo - Blue

Graham Hart - Green

Wow!! Great job guys.

Here's to the Ronin brotherhood,

This was a great grading, well deserved promotions.

Ryan, I am snowed in over here, no class for me tonight - looking forward to Thursday.

Congrats to all the guys! nice work!

Nice to see Jarrah still training, if anyone has his contact info if you could get him to email me

what i want to know is when will ron finally be awarded his pink belt?

Congrats guys!!

Congrats! Hurry home Brock we got something special waiting for you!

Congrats to all my boys from Ronin...I am very proud of you.

Hey Loaf, ask Brock about the take downs....LOL

Ben Meireles


Way to go guys! Congrats.

Congratulations guys, well deserved.

Congrats boys!

Im looking forward to coming back to train after an 8-9 month vacation.


congrats guys!

Congratulations all our brothers at Ronin. Nice to see you old guys sticking it out. Yahoo.


Congrats Damien and Wade. All the guys!!! congrats.


Wow! Congrats!


Thanks everyone for the congrats.  Sled Dog I guess I am officially an old guy now. :-)

Ronin MMA

Wade, old only in length of practice, not in human years.

Besides being a new daddy you willo feel your age soon enough.


Congrats to you all....

And...the dreaded pink belt is on its way!!!!!!

If I train hard....REALLY HARD.