Ronin MMA New Belts....

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Fabio Holanda was down for an excellent seminar and belt testing. Congratulations to the following Ronins for their promotions and achievements:

Damien "Giraffo" Sabourin: Purple Belt

Ron "The Hobbit" Langlois: Purple Belt

Craig "The Farmer" Brown: Blue Belt

Nick Denis: Blue Belt

Dan Narroway: Blue Belt

Justin Pointe: Blue Belt

Mike Vordig: Blue Belt

Thank you Fabio for a memorable week!

Team Ronin MMA




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Awesome job guys! It has been a pleasure to watch all of you grow along the way and you have all made me proud. The development of the club has been nothing short of amazing. When I look back at the early days of BJJ in Ottawa to now it is really impressive to see how far we have come.

1 Brown

7 Purple

12 Blue

And a horde of up and coming white belts!

Ronin all the way!


Congrats guys!

congrats once again guys!!
ps: shahram my last name has no E on the end "Point"

maybe he meant you're head is 'point-e'!?

Congrats, guys, well deserved, all!


Hey guys,

Congrats to everyone!!


Total Fitness MA's.

Mark: Which one? jk

Good work guys! The belts keep pileing up at Ronin


big congrats to ron and damien! about time!



Elliott is correct, when are you going to come train with us again?

Justin, I'm not EVEN going to dignify that with an answer!!

P.S. Thanks Pete and UVray!


Congrats! Ronin is awesome!

Congrats boys! I´m sorry I couldn´t be there to watch you guys get promoted but I was thinkin about ya at work. Well deserved and keep up the progress! P.S. You now qualify for a free taco and Corona next time you´re at my place. And if Fabio was really impressed with a move you did, then I might call some Latin babes to stop by and give ya a massage with a happy ending =)
RONIN all the way!!!

Oh my roonies. Big Congratulations to the Farmboy! Dude. Still waiting for my welcome home pintage, foo!

the Sea Cucumber

congrats everyone

Parabens !!

You all deserve it!

What about Travis ? Didn't he get his blue belt ?

Congratulations not only to those who got promoted, but to the whole team. You guys seem to have the formula, as you're cranking out some sick, slick fighters. You can all be proud of where you've taken that club!


Congrats to all...

Hey Elliott , thanks alot for the compliment! Can we ever expect to see you up here again? Maybe we will have to make a trip to see you. To all the guys at Ronin, thanks for all the time and patience and all the ass whoopings day in and day out, can't get better without getting beat down!