Ronin MMA Wade "Paca Lixo" Shanley

I know this is a bit late, but better late than never:

Congrats to Wade "Paca Lixo" Shanley for taking on a superfight on such short notice. This is due to your hard work and love of the sport, being prepared to go at all times, and coming in and putting in the that extra mile. I'm really proud to call you my friend and training partner. You did it bro!!


P.S. Anyone that has any pics for our website, kindly forward them to Thanks!

I've never heard of he any good?

Everyone should beware of an intriguing form of martial arts that can only be referred to as "Paca-Jitsu"! Congrats Wade!

TTT & Congrats!

It is great to see Paca Lixo rising up above his alotted place in the dumpster to win his match against a game Mike Hong. However now everybody knows what the guys at Ronin have known for a long time, Wade kicks some serious ass !!!!



Take whatever you like from

Just give credit to whomever took the pics.

'Ord took some nice pics.

congrats and ttt!

The giant dumpster rat victorious!
Great grappler, great teacher, one ugly mofo!
congrats Wade
Now its MMA time!!!!


How long did the fight last?

he's great,

blah blah blah blah, he kicks my ass all the time, i coulda told ya he was awesome.

congrats bro, and well deserved.


Congrats bro!

"he kicks my ass all the time"

hold on that all it takes to be considered "awesome"?