Ronnie Coleman in PRIDE....

Why not? The Japanese LOVE gigantic guys, particularly if they happen to be black. I don't know, but Ronnie looks bigger then Sapp (anyone know his weight, height?). I'm not saying he'll be good, in fact I'm sure he won't be, but Sapp sucks, and he's the biggest thing in Japanese MMA.

Plus, everyone would want to see Sapp vs. Ronnie (don't pretend like you wouldn't....)

ronnie coleman...would gas out so fast.....he's 3 times more jacked on juice then sapp is....he can barely walk....sapp is pretty athletic

With minimal training, bodybuilders could dominate MMA with their sheer athleticism and dedication to training.

ya..but there foolish....if you took the work ethic..of a body builder...and gave it to somebody like pete spratt...who cleary isnt working on his ground game...then u would have a good mma fighter....the science wouldnt work....for a juice head

like body builders are not that athletic....ever seen a juice head shoot a basket ball.....

Height : 5'11"
Weight : (Contest) 255lbs, (Off season) 300lbs

"With minimal training, bodybuilders could dominate MMA with their sheer athleticism and dedication to training"


"Height : 5'11" Weight : (Contest) 255lbs, (Off season) 300lbs"

Okay, so he's no where NEAR Sapp's size. Damn, really makes you realize how huge Sapp is when Ronnie Coleman is giving up 70pd to him!

RICKYB- You having a stroke? a dot freak.....its late.
thats funny.

Sapp was a football player, he even made it to the NFL, i.e he was a legitatime athlete.

What sport has Ronnie Coleman participated in? Bodybuilding? What athleticism is actually involved in that? It certainly doesn't indicate that he has quickness, reflexes, agility, leaping ability, etc, etc.

ya what he said

I agree. I think he'll suck. But so does Sapp. I'm sure Ronnie is a good athlete. And wasn't he a cop? Maybe he took some self defence classes, LOL.

My point is, Ronnie is a huge name, plus he's huge. He would be a huge draw, particuarly in Japan. PRIDE loves freakshows, and Ronnie has to be at least as good as Akibono (K1, I know, same thing), or Yarbrough!

Ronnie Coleman should come to PRIDE. There, it's settled. PRIDE, make it happen!

RICKYB owns his own defibulator.

Ever see the Pedro Sauer video where he fights a bodybuilder? I think the guy was Mr. Utah or something like that.

Totally yoked. He got outstruck by a BJJ blackbelt, and choked out in about two minutes.

I think Ronnie is probably the best bodybuilder to ever live.........but he'd get fuckin' killed by Sapp.


The man who plays with 200lb dumbbells for 12+ reps on a flat bench ... may not fair as well with some trained athletes who have good cardio.

HWat about that BB known for his freaky tri's? He was supposedly trying to get a fight in the UFC so the broadcast team said at last years O.


some of the world strangest man guys (with hard training) could do very well in MMA.

Despite what most people think, those guys have really really good cardio, they are not juiced up (at least not like bodybuilders and football players) and they have insane muscle indurance.

in randys first ufc he beat the crap out of a guy bigger than ronnie,his name was steve graham and he was 300 + of muscle and randy made easy work of not knocking bodybuilding cause i competed and i like it but these days unless you train mma and put in your years them guys just wont do well

There has never been anyone built as well as Ronnie Coleman in PRIDE but that doesn't matter, there have been big guys, & guys who I am sure have more functional strength than Ronnie Coleman. So he'd look the best while being owned. Cheap tactic, and it makes the sport look like pro wrestling/2 bit freak show full of hacks and gimmicks.


How about Nasar (sp?)

That guy is HUGE!