Ronnie Coleman in PRIDE....

anyone with athletic ability can be good at mma if they train hard.

Obvious, but somehow it needed to be said CharlesFFA/AFA. Everyone is piping off about how a "boxer would do good with ... " or how a "kickboxer would be good with ..." world's strongest man, bodybuilder etc. Whatever, if you are a good athlete and you put your mind to it, you can be good at this game.


He competet at this years Olympia at 286 and is like 325 off season and yes he does look as big as Sapp as far as muscle goes but Sapp is taller. Ronnie gets so ripped he looks even bigger.

"With minimal training, bodybuilders could dominate MMA with their sheer athleticism and dedication to training."


Why does this sound oddly familiar?
OH yeah, that's what the Judo nutriders said of Judoka when YOshida was still doing his works.

"With minimal training, bodybuilders could dominate MMA with their sheer athleticism and dedication to training."

What a paradox, they have all that dedication to training yet they only need minimal training.

ANybody in the Olympia has trouble walking through an airport with their luggage wihtout having a stroke, much less throwing punches at a "skilled" opponent.

I like bodybuilding, but the amount of steroid usage, diuretics, insulin, gh, etc does not a healthy athlete make. Most of these guys walk around all year looking like friggin linebackers. When they look "good", they are so dehydrated they can barely whistle. Not all competitors do this, though.

Some of you dont get that Sapp isnt just an overjuiced immense dude. He is also a very funny, entertaining, charismatic guy. That's why he is so popular in Japan. He's on every possible talkshow entertaining and promoting.

Yes, he is a joke, a circus K1 freak - though I believe he can be a force in MMA, not among the best, but still a force to be reckoned with. He has charisma, and not every big guy will have it.

Most bodybuilders would get beat in seconds in MMA competition!

Guys, I'm not arguing that he'll suck. I said as much. I think that a) PRIDE does stuff like this all the time. Ronnie is at least a famous name and an incredible specimen, rather then just a huge freak. And b) Everyone would be interested in seeing it, even those who scoff at the idea

"What a paradox, they have all that dedication to training yet they only need minimal training. "

Well, obviously he is talking about training outside their field of experience (i.e. bodybuilding)

Not that it matters.. Ronnie's opponent in RD1 via heart attack.

Get a WSM competitor like Mariusz Pudianowski, who has a background in martial arts, in particular boxing, and get him to work on his groundfighting. He not only has strength, but has fantastic endurance for a man his size. He could be a legit contender with the right training.

As far as Coleman goes, I think the Japanese would eat it up having someone his size in their show. Realistically, I doubt Ronnie would even entertain the thought of getting into an event like Pride. However, if he did, he'd have a lot of training ahead of him, not to mention more cardiovascular training than he's used to. You'd see a 286 lb. frame drop drastically in weight due to the amount of cardio and fight training he'd have to go thru.

My thoughts on the subject: A pro bodybuilder would likely die from the stress of mma alone. Their kidney's, liver and hearts are affected from all the shit they take. A WSM athlete is a much better choice for MMA than a bodybuilder. And regarding Sapp, he should practically never touch a weight again and focus on all cardio and agility drills. He's already grossly the strongest in K-1 and along with Bobish and Ambriz, the strongest in MMA. If he drops down to around 325 he would be insane and wouldn't have to go nuts in round 1 cause he cannot last the whole fight.

Ronnie Coleman has trained extensivly with the Gracies and is near black belt level.

Ronnie may be big, but I knew he had arrived when he pulled out that triangle and tapped Eddie Bravo.

Forget champion bodybuilders, try powerlifters.

Those guys are insanley quick, strong and flexible. They can all easily dunk a basketball and run amazing 40s.

Ronnie Coleman 5' 11" 287 lbs at last Olympia

TTT for the PRIDE freak train!

Ronnie vs. Genki

Ronnie vs. Sapp

Ronnie vs. Newton

the list is endless.

Well most of those matches would only happen in k-1.

Do you and jotun share a computer or just similar thoughts?

Who is jotun?

Must be a smart fellow.

Seriously, I honestly think this would a good idea for
PRIDE. I also think it is feasible.

Ronnie vs. Nog

Ronnie vs. Cro-Cop

Ronnie vs. Royce

Come on people!

Ronnie vs. Royler

Ronnie vs. Helio

Ronnie vs. Some Japanese Tomatoe Can

There's no end to the bad freak-show matchups!