Ronnie Coleman in PRIDE....

I don't know what he has in terms of cardio and technique but Ronnie is one guy that dosn't just look strong he is strong.

There you go!

Ronnie jogs for a few months, drops down to a wimp 305 or something, and will have just enough cardio to do exactly what Sapp does: Kill people in under three minutes or loose in over five.

Ronnie started as a power lifter is really, really strong. Plus he was a texas police officer for a long time so he must have been in a scrap or two.

I'm not saying he'd beat anyone good but he'd kick my ass pretty quick.

tj tapper

Ronnie is immensely strong yes but he isn't exactly the picture of perfect health and his cardio is poor. The cardio training that he does do in preparation for the Mr. Olympia is very low intensity. It taxes the heart, lungs and joints alot to even maintain a 300 + lbs physique and while the large amounts of steroids, insulin, GH etc that most pro bodybuilders use do not contribute to over-all health (an understatement) it is very hard on the body to maintain that weight even without steroids etc. Carrying 300+ lbs on a 5'9-5'11 frame is bad for the body, where it be 300 lbs of muscle or 300 lbs & 30% bodyfat.

JusticeLeague's first post is a good one.

The only problem is, all of that is true of Sapp, who is bigger then Ronnie. Like I said, he would have to do some cardio and drop a little weight, but the more I think about it, the more I think this is a great idea!


"HULK Smash!!"
it'll never happen....

Thanks for the support GlenDanzig,

Ronnie's not 45 but he IS at an advanced age to be fighting as he turning either 39 or 40 this year and he has had his fair share of training injuries. He regularly visits the chiropractor to get massage and adjustments because of this. Like previous posters have mentioned in order for Ronnie to theoretically get in good enough shape to fight, he'd have to get off all of (or a great portion of)the drugs he is on and the amount of cardio he would have to do would cause him to drop tons of weight. Of course, this being said he would still be stronger than the average MMA competitor in his weight class.

In his video it was a little disturbing to see him sweat so profusely during a meeting he had with his police officer co-workers. They were all sitting behind school desk style chairs and they all appeared to be fine but Coleman was sweating heavily, to the point of fanning himself with a piece of paper. Granted this was in Texas but the fact that everyone of his co-workers didn't appear to be sweating much at all and Coleman was, was a little disturbing. That being said he seems like a genuinely good man I just hope he stops competing before dire injury sets in. His stomach is already somewhat swollen due to the GH causing the intestines & organs to grow. Competative bodybuilding on a pro level is probably one of the unhealthiest things a person can do to their body.

Olympic Lifters = Athletic

Bodybuilders = Not Athletic

Ronnie Coleman vs Mark Coleman.

I read the thread. It was just some rumour (lie).

I think that this would be actually be a good move for PRIDE. Who wouldn't want to see him fight?


PRIDE, make it happen. You guys already do freakshows anyway!