Ronny Chieng On Why We Need an Asian President

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So cool

Sorry, I forgot people no longer have a sense of humor.

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On becoming a doctor. “Helping people is an unfortunate byproduct” lol

Yah good idea elected someone who doesn’t care about America’s way of life.

I remember when this place was cool and people could laugh at stereotypes.

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We don’t support microaggressions or your ignorant views of race.

Sorry, but you are an intolerant bigot.

*snaps fingers instead of clapping because it might traumatize someone.

*continues to drink soy latte

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I know you’re joking, but yeah, people need to lighten up.

Its a slippery slope and too many people are falling to the dark side.

This place needs to rediscover it’s Animal House / Porkies humor.

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