Rookie Driver Scott Wimmer

This guy is an interesting story. He finished third at the Daytona 500 as a rookie but has a few off the track issues. Mainly he does not have a drivers license since he was arrested for drinking and driving a couple of weeks ago. Jim Rome was talking about how the cops found him hiding in his apartment behind his bed. lol.

Thats funny he was hiding behind his bed, it was nice of Bill Davis to stick behind him and let him drive even after that incident, but i think NASCAR is still going to review it soon are they not?? He looks to have some talent, hope he straightens out and sticks around for awhile

The cops found his truck rolled over and missing three wheels.

thats pretty impressive

Yea, he messed up the truck real good. He was talking after the race about how his wife had to drive him everywhere around Daytona. He does look like a great driver and could have been able to win the Daytona if he had more cred. in drafting. I think Tony was afraid to try running with him since he was a rookie and thus he was forced to use a lapped car for help.