Rookie of the year?

Offensive and Defensive, i'd have to say Demeco Ryans of course but Maurice Jones-Drew and Vince Young also deserve the best rookie award this year that im handing out.

MJD doesn't get nearly enough press but lets compare him to the guy ESPIN picks for the best rookie this year:

Maurice Jones-Drew has 895 rushing yards on 154 carries for a 5.8 yard average. He has 12 rushing TDs. He also has 420 receiving yards on 42 catches, so 10.0 per rec. He has 2 receiving TDs. He has 718 kick return yards (27.6 average) and a kick return TD. He has fumbled once all year.

That's 2033 all-purpose yards and 15 TDs. And he's been scoring those TDs consistently, helping his team all season. Those are the numbers Reggie Bush was supposed to put up, and MJD didn't even start playing right away. And Fred Taylor has 1120 yards this year for a 5.0 YPC and 5 TDs, so MJD has helped open things up for him as well.

Reggie Bush has 545 rushing yards (3.6 YPC) and 5 TDs. He has 729 receiving yards on 86 catches (8.5 YPC) for 2 TDs. He has 216 punt return yards and a TD. He's lost two fumbles.

That's 543 fewer yards, 7 fewer TDs, and 44 more touches on the season for Bush.

MJD deserves ROY far more than Bush, IMO

Vince hasn't put up that impressive of numbers but his winning attitude is contagious and that makes him valuable.

Demeco is well...DEMECO FUCKING RYANS!!!

Colston would be up there as well if he wasn't injured, Hester also gets an honorable mention as well as that safety from the Ravens Landry.

Anyone else?

IMO MJD is OROY and Demeco is DROY.

agree 100% with you. This was a great rookie class. You also had guys who don't get that much press but WILL be good like Deangelo Williams, Joseph Addai, Norwood from the Falcons, Gradkowski (lol), Leon Washington, A.J HAwk. I don't think there's a chance that this years draft will produce near the talent. imo

LOL @ Mark Anderson not even getting mentioned.

The man has forced a ton of fumbles & has 12 sacks as the 3rd DE on the Bears.

Without a doubt, this has been one great rookie class.
Ryans seems like the safe pick for Defense.

Offense is where it gets hazy. I think that Vince Young will get it. My original choice, Colston was out for three games. His numbers would be even better had he not missed those games. Jones-Drew, Hester, and even Reggie will get some votes, but overall I think it goes to Vince Young. The comebacks probably sealed it.

Let me say though, that had Colston not missed those games, I think it would have been him.

Also, that tackle from the Chargers is supposed to be great as a rookie.

Devin Hester

Marcus McNeill is the chargers tackle. He won't get it though because no one seems to know his name....

I think Vince Young deserves it, but just barely. Lots of people seem to think he's the no-brainer choice, it's hardly a no-brainer for me. Jones-Drew has a strong case as well.

Damn shame Colston got injured - he was on fire....

nick mangold

Demaco Ryans and Vince Young would be my choices

Forgot about Anderson, definately in the mix.

This year's draft has been great. In addition to everybody else mentioned, Maroney from NE has been great. Hell, even Millen picked up a solid player in Ernie Sims.

dont forget about leon washington who is having a very solid season. 5'8" and averaging over 4 ypc

AND he plays DB

Not very well, he doesn't.

Is Addai a rookie this year? If he is than i think he deserves it.

HEF is a Bears fan, why would he be jealous of Hester? He's just pointing out something you are oblivious to..."the obvious"

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Hester is terrible on defense. He's not a smart guy at all, in fact, he may be mildly retarded. I'm sure DL wouldn't know mildly retarded if he was looking at it in a mirror.

But anyway...Hester is the Forrest Gump of the NFL. Somebody needs to put the ball in his hands and point which direction he should run towards.

I'm waiting for Bears fans in the end zone to hold up "STOP" signs for Devin.

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