Roop suffers gruesome injury in ROAD FC debut

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                                Roop suffers gruesome injury in ROAD FC debut

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                    <p>Bantamweight George Roop&nbsp;was released by the UFC after back to back losses to&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 20.8px;">Takeya&nbsp;</span>Mizugaki and&nbsp;Rob Font. He landed at Korea&#39;s ROAD FC, but in his first fight on Saturday, vs.&nbsp;Yoon Jun Lee, he suffered a gruesome injury.</p>

While broken shin bones from a correctly checked low kick are relatively common, this one was from a front kick, and it without precedent. Perhaps there was a pre existing injury of some sort, or more likely he fractured it on the low kick previously, and the leg gave way on the next kick. Given how frequently human beings kick things, this is not supposed to happen.


A x-ray shows the extent of the injury.

ROAD FC said Roop would get another bout, as soon as he recovers. He hope that recovery is fast and complete.

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Well, guess that's what happened when you're a seven foot featherweight Phone Post 3.0

Dude should still be in the UFC, always game. 

That sucks man! George is a great guy! Trained with him many times here in Vegas. Phone Post 3.0