Root recovery on SCO

I have an old system some of the audit folks need info off of. The account I have doesn't have rights to unpack a CPIO archive. (What a ridiculous man file on CPIO BTW) The root password I have isn't good, I suspect one particular jackass changed it.

I know I need to boot with recovery disks or something similar, mount the drive and change the root entry in /etc/passwd. Problem is I have no restore/recover or even OS disks for this box. It was vendor installed (vendor ain't around anymore) and we have no media.

Where can I get something that will boot this box (just an old compaq server) and mount the drive so I can do the editing?

what filesystem does it use?

a Knoppix boot disk should let you change /etc/shadow or /etc/master.passwd on any SCO machine.

if it can't boot directly off CD, you can get a floppy that will boot to the CD.

or if it only has a floppy, find a floppy-sized Linux distro.

just make sure to use vi or some normal text editor and not a word processor.