Rooting For Conor Doesn't Mean I Think He'll Win

I'm an MMA fan. Always have been since I first saw it and probably always will be.

An MMA fighter has stepped up to challenge a Boxer in Boxing.

I'll be rooting for him to knock Floyd the fuck out and he will have my full support at what ever bar I choose to watch this at.

But that doesn't mean I'm delusional, Conor has a rediculous task ahead of him.

He has to beat the best boxer of a generation in a boxing match.

Conor has amazing striking skill and power probabaly the best in MMA thus far in terms of hand strikes.

But this is boxing, all they do is strike with hands, and Floyd is the best alive, maybe the best ever...

I hope Conor can pull this off, he has a chance and he has some advantages and some angles to work with to get it done.

But I'm not a fool, Heart says Conor, Brain says Floyd.


I'm rooting for Conor, and believe he has virtually no chance. But, he can get super rich and just screw around for the rest of his life. I'd like to see a true mixed match, but a boxer won't do that, just like Ali held up the promoters at the last minute to prevent any takedown by Inoki.

Definitely rooting for Conor. 

Always rooting for the guy.. hope he has his track shoes on because everyone know Mayweather likes to jab and run