ROOTS 2016

He slapped him in the head because Kunta tried to joke with him about banging his sister-in-law. He was not amused.

Lol well then Kunta might have deserved that. I wouldnt even make that joke with my boss. 

It wasn't even a joke, it was a figure of speech. "You treat her like she's one of your own."

Unfortunately doc doesn't understand it. Phone Post 3.0


Did they have the scene where when the boys are old enough they are taken away for training? Any MA type training involved?

I've been watching. Really makes you think twice about slavery. Phone Post 3.0

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Hated it! Every white character was portrayed as an ignorant, arrogant, hateful asshole every black character was wise, peaceful and noble.

Except, you know, the enemy tribe who capture Kunta Kinte and sell him into slavery.

Yeah you're right and also the white girl who was trying to help that got hung was a good person but the rest I thought was just over the top and then you had TI doing a dreadful Denzell imitation from Glory which is one of my favorite movies but has more gray area to it. I found myself hating the white characters in Roots 2016 and I wonder what good this does for modern day race relations.

In the original you had Ed Asner's character being deeply conflicted early on in the series but in this remake every white person except one was an utter asshole.

If I remember correctly, Cracked magazine did a parody issue on Roots(im referring to the 80's series), it was a feature issue, had the name of the series on its front cover: Broots<br /><br />It was hilarious, the gist of what they parodied centered on the constant brutality and whipping going on by the white slave owner taking it out on the black slave. Which sums up the 80's series.<br /><br />But really, this is just another case of the endless white guilt series, movies, books, etc, mostly with an apologetic tone, that has gone on for too long in America. It borders on how the Nazis/Germans are portrayed or connected to the Holocaust. <br /><br />It really speaks on how Americans only see color in terms of black and white, while forgetting that other races do inhabit this country.