ROOTS photos

Most of the teamDave passes guardBrad making a moveGordo in side controlBeth gets mountTim H in the clinchRichardIgor again with guardIgor in staredown modeBen about to startI lost some of the photos somehow, if you're not here I probably have you on tape or else a blurry shot of your bum from across the room. A good day was had by all except maybe this guy. I don't think St John's ambos had seen people get choked before.(edited because I thought Igor was Richard)

great pics thanks!

i heard that guy in the last pic was choked out twice
that day

i love it when girls get the mount!!!

Also Gordo has half guard not side...I probably should have looked at the pics a bit more carefully before I posted.

awesome pics, i like the white mats!

How did brad go?

Please tell him Liam says hi next time u see him

i cant see sheet!!

I think that the site hosting the pics has decided they've had enough downloads for a while, but they should be back up later. I suppose you get what you pay for, and I didn't pay. If anyone has somewhere better to host them then I can email them or something.

Liam, Brad lost that fight but it was close, lots of action. I think he reads this board sometimes, but I'll tell him.

red x's rule

Yes I did... I'm pretty sure I've got it, the triangle part at least. Don't know what's up with the pics, must be the dodgy site they're hosted on. Maybe the 300+ hits were too much for them.