Rope Climbing Machine....

The worlds first Rope climbing alternative. Check out the Viper. This is the machine that every grappler has been waiting for.

For Further Info :

Chuck Jefferson
800-662-4616 ext. 14
Swain Sports

Pretty cool. 

WOW! $3500 a little too much for me to go out and buy. I'm going to have to settle for a rope.

Definitely a gym level apparatus but I could see it being a useful part of a lifting routine. 

when is my utopia arriving? I will get one when it arrives and I hope soon :(

Pretty clever design! It is very safe cmpared to the old school rope.

The rope has been absent in gyms for a long time and people missed out on a lot of the benefits from using it.

I'm going to buy a rope for my gym. I like the idea of this one, but that is waaaaay expensive