Rope climbing?

Any of you rope climb? I tried it the other day for the first time in decades and it crushed my grip. I hear it's a great pull-up variation for grappling. Where can I get me some of that thick ass rope? (at least 1 inch thick). Hope Depot and the like just carry ½ inch. I checked out some net sites for gymnasium supplies, but they charged $$$.

Rope climbing is good for the arms, but rope climbing is mostly leg work.


"Rope climbing is good for the arms, but rope climbing is mostly leg work."

Sure if you are using mostly legs to climb but most people don't. I know when I climb rope I don't use my legs at all, just my arms. I get a great back and grip workout with climbing ropes. I found a think rope on eBay last year fairly cheap.

when we were wrestling in high school we would have to climb all the way up and then use only our arms to lower ourselves, one arm at a time. it was really really hard on our arms. all the way down on only one, grab the rope, go as far down as your arm will let you, repeat.

I posted on the other one check it out on the UG

Rope climbing is great, and should be done without the legs. Aside from pulling power it will also increase your grabbing speed as you have to let go with an arm and reach up and grab the rope to minimize the amount of time your other arm has to hold on.

Thanks all. I'm sold. Too bad you don't see many climbing ropes around anymore. Wreckingcrew, thanks for site.

It is great man. I climb rope every week at the Gymnastics club.1st climb2nd climbNo legs apart from the 3rd climb I was shattered after the previous 2 climbs.A lot of leg used that I did not know!One with a lot of leg work. Didn't realise how much I used my legs when I did that video. Now I only climb with my legs straddled sitting from the bottom 1st climb; 2nd climb 1 rope in each hand; 3rd climb sit from the bottom and straddled legs. A mofo to get up the 3rd time around.Where do you intend to climb rope?A great variant from chins. Speed of hand and upper body strength is paramount. Grip too. Both get good quickly with practice.Koing

Very cool HK. How high do you reckon that rope is? I am going to try to set up my own in a garage without breaking my neck.

It is about 7m from ground to ceiling. You do not want to fall from that! Looks more then 6m but not more then 8m. I'll check with the coach.

I felt like falling many times when I pushed it and almost shat myself on the way down. Falling and catching the rope is not my idea of fun.

In your garage? Man you got to have a high ceiling or you just go up and down a lot of times. Straddle your legs so you can sit on the bottom and climb up higher. Your abbs get a nice working and same with your quads.


I wish I had a facility like that to train in. Lucky