Rorion's Rape Safe Tape

I was thinking of getting this for my wife.  Has anyone here seen it?  Any good?

It is good, but like anything else, she will need to practice the moves over and over again. Hope this helps.


I think it is great! Easy to follow, easy to do and Rorion makes the moves eay to remember with his teaching style. Def recommend to anyone. Perfect for the wife!

I was about to make this thread in response to the rorion reviews on his basic and intermeidate which i think are a rip off so if you havnt bought the gracie basic,int,adv then dont and instead buy this tape if you want to see his teaching but without getting ripped off this tape is better than his self-defense series and his basic and int series because it covers moves that work instead of watered down tech so buy rape safe and then buy renzo series 1 for 50$ if you want a deal

Thank you very much people.

If you buy it, please let us know what you think of it. Seems like a great idea.

If you buy it, please let us know what you think of it. Seems like a great idea.

I will.

How does Rorion's tape compare with Tony Blauer's SPEAR stuff? I mean, does Rorion cover what to do BEFORE an attack happens, i.e. general awareness and such things?

I prefer Kobe's Safe Rape tape.

The stuff Rorion shows is good as Basic mechanic but it would be great if he would have added more groin shots, eye gouges, biting, etc. to it so it would be more vicious and more effective for a women to defend herself

Yes, Rorions video gets into awareness,a plan of escape, etc. It is a resist and escape program.Itis not a fighting program.

It has 6 specific segments on what to do while you are standing to get away from an attacker, and 6 segments on what to do if taken to the ground.

I like the fact that it deals with containing the situation, (versus a lady fighting as if she can kick the average guys ass) resisting and escaping.

Hope this helps.

i like rorions vid also cause it uses women against rorion instead of rorion/royce i havnt seen the other self defense stuff but they should follow this example because blauer,etc. are roided up enuff to roid rage der azz w/o zoo zit zoo

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