Rorion''s Sub. Matchs end in points

After all the crap from Rorion about changing the rul es to get all matches to end in submission, it turns out that his new rules wind up with point wins just a much as the old rules, the matches just drag on more.

Ralek loses on points in his first match. Ryron beats Jeff Monson 12-11 in a 70 minute match with the points coming down to whether Monson could back out of Ryron's guard.

First, Rorion's point rule are an admission that sub's only no time limits is unworkable in this day and age. I saw one attempt to do subs only no time limit with Crosely Gracie fighting Ryron. First the match became a bore fest as both fighter stalled and it went on for almost 90 minutes. It ended when Crosely reinjured his knee and couldn't continue.

This is what will happen with no time limits. You will play a very conservative game, waiting for your opportunity.

On the 80 minute point victories I'd rather see two guys put out like crazy for 10 minutes, then stall for 60.

I think you should stop points at all.
When you have amateur Submission Wrestling tournaments you will almost have a Submission within 10 minutes.

When professionals grapple it could be a long fight.

Look at the old time wrestlers like gama, etc. they sometimes fought for hours.

I think that the nature of grappling. Let them fight without time limit even when it takes 2 hours. That´s a real grappling match.

I don't think no time limits is the answer. Yes, in some pure esthetic (sp?) sense, it would be nice to see a match go to submission and have no points. However, to get that you either need to have time limits and draws or no time limits. Both are problematic.

No one likes draws, particularly the crowd. Also fighters will go for the draw all the time rather than loose. If all I want to achieve in a match is not get subbed, it's pretty easy to do it if the guys are at all close in talent.

No time limits brings out a lot of stalling. Unless I know I'm 20 times better than you, it's crazy to blow your wad in a no time limit match in the first 10-15 minutes. Fighters can get incredibly methodical and counter-grappling oriented in such fights.