Rory has taken a lot of damage in his losses

Condit and Lawler both rearranged his face. I hope he doesn't run into a Koscheck situation with his orbital.

Agreed. I remember hearing Goldie say something about Rory never having taken that much damage before in a fight, in the 3rd I think. I immediately recalled nbk elbowing his face into Bolivia. Wasn't as bloody, but there was massive orbital damage. By the time round five rolled around that nose was torn to pieces though. Phone Post 3.0

Considering it was a brutally shattered nose that put him away from the pain and not an actual KO blow I would have to agree. That was pretty bad to watch, and I get the feeling it was the type of soul-sucking finish that won't mentally allow Rory to hold the belt as long as Robbie is at the top. I absolutely love the newfound aggression Robbie is fighting with and the personality/character he is showing outside of the cage. Rory started to really put it on Robbie at one point and I think he needs to find that aggressive killer more consistently to be successful instead of being the methodical point machine tri-star turned him into. I hope he recovers well from this though because he is young and can beat the vast, vast majority of welterweights.