Rory looks like inspecor gadgget

GriffinQ - Gotta love how few people on here actually realize that the stuff he wears IS what is in style now. Not personally my taste, but he's not dressing any differently than a lot of people in places like NY who are always up to date on their style Phone Post

No ones debating that its the fact he doesnt look good in it. Phone Post

sockeye - is subjective but the Inspector Gadget comment is hilarious, I see some resemblance


The kid has style to a certain demographic.

This topic is making me feel like an old bastard! Phone Post

This is what happens when a kid moves from the west coast to Montreal, fashion overload.

Rory always dresses well IMO Phone Post

"He looks like something you'd give your kid when you tell'em grandma died."

but in all seriousness, dude is dapper to the next level. move over bisping

I laughed hard when I read the title.

FBI agent circa 1948 Phone Post

You guys would have a meltdown if you went to a major city. Phone Post

Omg! Quick, someone shop some SS badges on his jacket and a hitler stash!!!! Phone Post

might be trendy, stylish, whatever; but he doesn't look good in it. dude looks like a doofus, has dorky facial features, and he chooses to accentuate that with the terrible hairstyle. might look good on somebody, but not him.


Tom Brady pulls trendy off. Rory not so much

Dapper young man.

I think Rory looks badass with a shaved head maybe he wants to enjoy his hair while he still has it. Phone Post

well at least he's not carrying a purse

You're a buncha faygs commenting on his clothing and such. 


He looks much better in terms of complexion etc. though.

Dick Tracy Phone Post

I think Rory should be known as "The Canadian Psycho" he has the Patrick Bateman look down

Haha I fucking lold Phone Post

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Larry Appleton -
NorthernIrishZombie -

lol he's trying to look "professional" like GSP Phone Post

No actually he's trying to look fashionable. If he wanted to look professional, he would wear a standard suit. Phone Post

go go gadget trenchcoat

NorthernIrishZombie -

Such a fag Phone Post

Actually better than running around in a douche mma label/billboard shirt & pants.