Rory Macdonald Ready For The Welterweight Division

Terry (TheMMANews): “Having trained with George must have given you a chance to gauge your ability next to him and the rest of the welterweight division. How did you feel you stack up next to George, and also the rest of the division?”

Rory: “George beats the hell out of me, but I don’t feel out of place. There are things that I excel that that give George some troubles, I think we are good sparring partners but I’m not at George’s level yet that’s for sure. The rest of the weight division, I think I’m right in there with the rest of the guys, I’m pretty young still, and I am constantly developing as a fighter and still growing so I got time to catch up to these guys even though right now I feel I’m just as good if not better than a lot of these guys.”

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I saw give him a couple more years and I can see him giving George a good fight. His take down defense looked great against Guymon and it will only get better.

I didn't want to say anything, but it is Georges St. Pierre - with an (s) at the end of George...cheers.

I think he spells his name wrong..

dipset - I think he spells his name wrong..


Nice interview

Thanks for posting that up


Great interview Terry. ttt

I wonder how many mma fighters cry themselves to slleep out of sheer jealousy....?

Rory has signed to fight at UFC in Vancouver.

 I think it's confirmed he's fighting Carlos Condit. Tough fight.

hopefully it's a go in Van - would be great for Rory to fight Condit...step up for sure.

The MMA News has got some wicked interviews, nice work terry TTT