Rory MacDonald vs Clay French for KOTC World Title

Ken over at the KOTC messageboards has confirmed that young Rory MacDonald will be fighting Clay French for the KOTC World title in Calgary on Nov. 28th.

Clay French (16-3), a Pride and Sengoku vet, will be Rory's toughest test to date in my opinion. Clay won the KOTC World Title by beating the TUF 6 winner and current UFC vet Mac Danzig by split decision.

Rory MacDonald (6-0) a year ago won the KOTC canadian title by beating a VERY tough Kajan Johnson. Despite Rory's inactivity, he appears to be having a very good training camp for this upcoming fight.

I look forward to this fight and wish the best for Rory.

Congrats Rory!!

TTT for RMAC! Toshido will do well as usual.

This will be great! KOTC 2 weeks after another show in Calgary, which was followed after another show at the Corral. Lots of stuff happening in the BIG city!

A world title as well! Lifessssss goood!


TTT 4 Rory!

woah huge fight....ttt for rory pulling off the upset

Rory's been known to pull off upsets. He's pretty much been the 'underdog' in all of his fights

Rory has a mental toughness that can rival even the most seasoned vets out there. Rory bring your A game and you will be victorious!! Revolution is rooting for you!

Props on another big win Kajan.

Looks like my blue name ran out, but heres the link to the event poster.

Would love to see a Kajan vs Rory rematch!

bkarimib - Would love to see a Kajan vs Rory rematch!


Thanks for the support guys. (You rock Ragin!)

Clay French is a monster on the mat. This is a very big test for Rory, that we're looking forward to.

We're almost there guys. Weigh-in's tomorrow in Calgary.

I saw this article on the website for those that are interested:

Team Toshido Ready for International Spotlight
Written by KOTC Staff
Tuesday, 25 November 2008 18:53

This Friday, November 28th, Rory MacDonald will head to the cage in Calgary, Alberta, as a proud ambassador for Team Toshido, Kelowna’s highly regarded fight team, which soon will no longer be one of mixed-martial-arts best kept secrets. For sometime now, the Kelowna gym has been producing some of Canada’s most notable competitors, including Tim Jenson (6-1), King of the Cage’s Canadian Welterweight Champion Gary Wright (7-0) and the aforementioned MacDonald (6-0), who is KOTC Canada’s Lightweight Champion. Friday night represents a defining moment for the team, as the highly touted, 19 year-old prospect MacDonald will challenge one of the world’s best 155lb. fighters, in 28 year-old, KOTC World Lightweight Champion Clay French (16-3). For Toshido’s head instructor David Lea, it will be a memorable night, regardless of the outcome.

“As a trainer, having Rory fight for a world title gives me a sense of pride that I'm bringing my fighters along the proper way, however, this is just one more fight for Team Toshido to show the world the level of talent we produce.”

Read More Here:

Good luck to all competitors. Should be a great show.

Good luck tommorow Rory!!! Bring home the strap.

stick it to him rory! go team toshido go!

Sounds like Rory and Clay made weight.

I can't wait for this fight!

Good luck Rory!


think it might be a little early yet

Its 4:30 in calgary right now. Rory and Clays fight won't happen for atleast another 5 hours i would imagine. If i can find a computer tonight i'll post up the results.